Planters & Decorations

Plants and flowers add delight to a garden. Colours change throughout the seasons giving your garden new life year after year. That’s why at Grand illusions we endeavor to preserve and amplify nature at its finest using anything from flower buckets to glass plant pots. By placing your plants in metal buckets and galvanized buckets you can move them anytime to wherever your heart desires a bit of greenery.

Hanging plant pots take that gorgeous undergrowth up to eye level so you never miss a moment of its evolving beauty. Meanwhile, hanging planters turns a previously flat landscape into a dynamic and diverse structure easily. Our trug basket will blend into the natural world around it like the natural materials it is created from. Ceramic plant pots enhance the plants within them like the plants painted onto them. They are an incredibly versatile accessory for any who cherish their garden. Using a glass terrarium, you can even bring the natural world inside to brighten your day regardless of the weather outside.